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20 most magical Spots in Hawaii


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For some people Hawaii is overrated. But for many, it is known as home to magic. A place where you can find everything from fiery water to rainbow trees to beaches made of crystal clear water. Today I will show the magical spots of Hawaii which may leave you in awe.

Most bizarre places in Hawaii

1. The sea cliffs of Molokai

The sea cliffs of Molokai

Molokai’s sea cliffs are situated on the remote, north area of the island. One can not drive to see the magical beauty of the spot as there are no ways leading to the north area. But, there are some finest ways to admire these wonderful cliffs and thus regarded as one of the amazing places. One should try taking a Helicopter trip from Maui.

2. Glass Beach, Kauai

Glass Beach, Kauai

Kauai is Hawaii’s fourth largest island and is also known as “Garden Island”. This Hawaii island is draped in Sharp mountain spires, emerald valleys, and jagged cliffs.  Few areas in Kauai is only accessible by air or sea.

3. Honokohau Falls

Honokohau Falls

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This waterfall in Hawaii is considered as the tallest fall on Maui. to get over this fall, we had to take a helicopter tour as the falls is situated in an inaccessible top valley in the west Maui.

4. The Road to Hana, Maui

The Road to Hana, Maui

The road to Hana is worldwide popular for the natural sightseeing of its towering waterfalls and unblemished landscapes.”The Land That Time Forgot” is the other name by which this place is referred.

Road To Hana is an astonishing spot, blessed with spectacular waterfalls, black hue sand beaches, the stunning view overlooking the taro patches and the mind of engineers involved in the narrow bridges constructed here, alongside curvy railway tracks, this exquisite extension of highway in this tropical heaven offers picturesque views in each and every corner of the Maui.

5. Waimea Canyon, Kauai

Waimea Canyon, Kauai

This place is popularly described as The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.  This Waimea Canyon is 1 mile wide, stretching 14 times and deep more than 3,600 feet. A lookout at Waimea canyon offers panoramic views of rugged crags,  crested buttes as well as deep valley gorges.

Located on the South Western side of Kauai, this breathtaking park is popularly called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” The shrunken waterfalls flourish a thousand feet down that hits the volcanic soil in rust shade. Just head towards the place via heart-stopping clouds of Kalalau Valley.

6. Haiku Stairs, Oahu

Haiku Stairs, Oahu

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One who already visited at this hike point in Hawai will never forget the view to this paradise which looks like heaven. This place is known as “Stairway to Heaven”.  This jungle is closed by fences as well as warning signs are clearly there at each point.  There are so many options to visit this point. It’s one of the most magical places in Hawaii.

7. Kee Beach, Kauai

Kee beach is positioned at the edge of the road on the Northern Shore. The beach is at a great distance as you can drive and have close proximity with the mythical and famed hills of Bali Hai. The inlet is fenced by the almond and palm trees. This exotic stretch of beach poured in white sand is a fabulous spot for witnessing sunsets and also the scarce view of the sea lion.

8. Garden of the Gods, Lanai

The stones have their strong presence since the ancient volcanoes struck Lanai, and formed a natural landscape garden with astounding views of Moloka’i. The place gives you more amazing backdrop while you travel with four-wheelers.

9. Kalaupapa, Molokai

Kalaupapa in Molokai is bordered by the topmost and highest sea hills in the world. It’ll be unforgettable to visit this place by plane and witness this panoramic spot. Another reason to visit this place is the craggy green hills.

10. A Check-Out At Nu‘uanu Pali, Oahu

Meet the mind-boggling views of the flourishing Kaneohe Bay and grassy Ko’olau mountains. The view from the cliff is a must-visit stop in Hawaii.

11. Sunset At Waikiki Beach, Oahu

The place is all about sailboats and cruise, found offshore. With the refreshing sunrays and the turquoise water make this tranquil beach, the heaven to relax.

12. Golden Ponds of Ke-awa-iki

Nearby Kohala shoreline, find a salt and pepper colored beach, amid a large lava field, you’ll see a combination of freshwater pools, brimmed with striking golden algae, allowing water a shinier look.

Even though the anchialine pool directly doesn’t have a connection with the ocean touching the surface, the amount of water in the luxurious pool decline and has the flow accompanied by the tide. This pond is certainly best for the view rather than jumping.

13. Keahiakawelo (Garden of the Gods)

Located seven miles from the city of Lanai, down a not so evenly surfaced, rocky road, this natural form is very beautiful, yet barren and arid topography, which features hundreds of rounded rock towers positioned centuries ago.

As per the locals, it was made when two kahunas of Molokai and Lanai were given a task to see who can keep the fire burning for a long time, which resulted in Mars-like background, as we see today.

Make sure, do not roll the dice and reposition any stone. You will make angry the Hawaiian gods and also a lifetime risk for yourself in the form of bad luck.

14. Seven Sacred Pools, Maui 

The Seven Sacred Pools is known to be one of the top tourist attractions in Maui. This amazing park features waterfalls and pools for swimming. Although it’s restricted, still you’ll see people plunging down the falls.

15. Waikapalae wet cave, Kauai

This cave is situated on the northern coast of Kauai and is often called Blue Room Cave, because of its colorful blue water. When the sun is shining in the cave, the blue color is the brightest one. The place was also used in Pirates of the Caribbean Movie. An important point to remember is, the water is super cool.

16. Rainbow Falls, The Big Island

In Hilo, Rainbow (Waiānuenue) Waterfalls is located. The falls acquired its name as if it’s the bright light in the morning, you’ll be able to witness a rainbow from the waterfalls. It’s almost 100 ft (30 m) wide and 80 ft (24 m) tall.

17. Kilauea Crater (caldera), The Big Island

The most active volcano to see in Hawaii is Kilauea, which means – “spewing” in Hawaiian. It gots its name because of the lava erupting out of Earth concluded this volcano.

18. Waihee Ridge Trail, Maui

Waihee Ridge Trail is a 5-mile hike which offers exotic views of the mountains settled at the western end of Maui. The lovely ocean and Makamakaole Falls waits for you there.

Travel Tip – While you hike, don’t forget to carry the water bottle with you.

19. Na Pali Coast State Park, Kauai

Na Pali Coast expanse over 15 miles and is absolutely overwhelming. It might not be easiest places to visit in Hawaii, but you’ll love to hike, sail, or would even like to raft alongside the coastline.

20. Black and White Rock Beach in Kona, The Big Island

You might not find the beach as much relaxed as you desire of, but the picturesque views surely will drive you here for the perfect clicks!

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