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5 Of The Best Cities To Visit In Colombia

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Colombia has something that will please almost all travelers, from Pacific coasts to sandy beaches of Colombia, and the Amazon forest. The country’s heritage shows the culture of its people.

A couple of decades ago Colombia was not shown on the tourist map as it was not considered a safe place for tourists to visit. But later on the government work so hard to change the image of Colombia and by making it the safest place for Travellers to visit.

Best cities to visit in Colombia

1. Popayan

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Popayan is considered as one of the most amazing places and the impressive colonial city of Colombia. It is situated in southwestern Colombia, also called as “Ciudad Blanca” as its buildings are of Chalk-white. Its mild climate attracts travelers from worldwide.

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2. Medellin

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Decades ago this city is considered a dangerous city in the world. But this city has changed its image and now becomes a very colorful city as of its gorgeous flowers. The city also celebrates the flower festival for 12 days every August month.

3. San Andrés y Providencia 

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Very few know that Archipelago and San Andres are the two islands that are situated near to Nicaragua in the Caribbean. You may not know that San Andres Is the world’s largest island.  This island is rich in marine life.

4. San Agustin

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It is a small town which is covered by awesome landscapes.  It is considered Colombia’s most intriguing ancient sites. This place is home to around 500 statues, monoliths, sarcological, and petroglyphs.

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5. Bogota

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Bogata is also called “The Athens Of South America”. Decades ago the city was famous, but now it is listed under the list of the world’s largest cities. Previously, travelers avoid visiting Bogota. The place is well-known to be in the list of top-rated tourist attractions in the city to entertain visitors, including the cultural events, gold museum, Planetarium, as well as a thriving nightlife.

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