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6 Picturesque Lakes In South Africa Pouring You in Natural beauty

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South Africa, a beautiful landscape, a lush mountain, a country full of Winelands,  there is much more to provide a lot for a perfect getaway. Joining in its tranquil beauty is just one of its kind which is home to the world’s largest bird, Ostrich, among the other biggest like leatherback sea turtle and cheetah, you can witness plentiful pleasing lakes in South Africa.

So, check out this list to know more these most beautiful lakes in South Africa.

Top Lakes In South Africa

Some of the South African lakes offer complete calm and give the tourist some charming bird watching scenes along with canoeing. Choose from the list of lakes in South Africa which makes your style better suited!

1. Lake Chrissie

Lake Chrissie
Via: cloudfront.net

Lake Chrissie ranks to be in the top 3 largest lakes in South Africa, also known as Chrissiesmeer, is 9 km long and 3 kilometers wide. You can see many aquatic species and birds all around the lake. Frogging safari is one of the unique facets of this lake and is a must watch where one has to spot frogs by getting splashes in the mud.

Nearby Fascinations: canoeing, bird watching, Frog Hunt, Tractor Museum (near the lake), 4×4 Route Holnek Reserve.

Where: Chrissiesmeer, Mpumalanga, South Africa

2. Lake St. Lucia

Lake St. Lucia
Via: flickr.com

Isimangaliso Wetland Park is a famous World Heritage Site, this lake is one of the largest lakes in South Africa stretching 80 km long and 23 kilometers wide. You can find a hippo, reedbuck, and waterbuck on the shores of Lake St. Lucia, and it also houses about 150 species of fish. At present, a project has been started by the surrounding park to protect and preserve the lake from being spoiled. It’s is one of the most alluring lakes in South Africa.

Nearby Fascinations: Cruising, Kayaking and visiting the crocodile center near the lake, iSimangaliso Wetlands Park, Bhangazi Horse Safaris

Where: St Lucia, Umkhanyakude District, KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa

3. Lake Sibaya

Lake Sibaya
Via: flickr.com

Lake Sibaya rests close to Kosi Bay and Lake St Lucia in South Africa acknowledged being the largest freshwater lake in the country. Ver well known for hippo and crocodiles aboard, Sibaya gives shelter to a far-reaching variety of rare birds in the lake area. Since the lake is a protected, you do not have permission to stay on the lake, but it is a must visit journey to experience ultimate noiselessness in South Africa.

Nearby Fascinations: Turtle Tracking at Thonga Beach Lodge, visiting Kosi Bay Nature Reserve, Sodwana Bay National Park, and False Bay Park, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife

Where: KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

4. Zeekoevlei Lake

Zeekoevlei Lake
Via: sa-venues.com

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Lake Zeekoevlei is much larger than a typical city lake, spans over an area of 250 hectares and is rested on the corners of the highly populated Cape Town in South Africa. It was declared a nature reserve in 2000 and it finds its place in one of the youngest conservation areas. Because of its location in the urban area, the danger is around the crowd, but despite these facts, you can see the Cormorants, White Pelicans, and even Flamingos nearby shores.

Nearby Fascinations: Zeekoevlei Nature Reserve, Edith Stephens Wetland Park, and Victoria Mxenge Project, TreeTop Apartment Cape Town

Where: Cape Flats, Cape Town, Western Cape Province, South Africa

5. Five Lakes of Wilderness, The Garden Route

Five Lakes of Wilderness The Garden Route
Via: netdna-ssl.com

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Some lakes formed over the time include the five lakes situated between the forests and the areas of Sedgefield. It’s known to be an important water body for native birds. The lake houses many species and it is popularly known as ‘Lake District’. There are many things to do including enjoying some great cuisines at the nearby restaurant. It’s one of the most stunning lakes in South Africa.

Nearby Fascinations: Whale watching, Oysters R Us, Garden Route Horse Trails and Gerickes Point, Canoeing

Where: Lies between the provinces of Eastern Cape and Western Cape

6. Flamingo Lake

Flamingo Lake
Via: cloudfront.net

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Just enjoy the spectacular glimpse of Flamingo Lake being absorbed into the giant Bot river occasionally housing tons of jellyfish in the lake. With a nature reserve in the enclosing area, one can drench in the magnificent views of the sea, lake and lush vegetation all combined sitting in a comfortable stay in the nearby holiday homes. Don’t miss to glance at the exquisite sunset and panoramic shot here. head here to see one of the most beautiful lakes in South Africa.

Nearby Fascinations: Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary, swimming and Visiting the Flamingo Fun Zone, Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

Where: Middlevlei Estate, Flamingo Road, Hermanus, South Africa

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