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Kerala’s much-awaited tourist spot is now open and we can’t wait for ourselves to go there! If you don’t know what I am talking about then let me clear it to you. Jatayu earth’s center you may be heard about it.

It’s a very popular tourist destination which offers adventure activities like camping, sports as well as healing centers which makes it the most favorite tourist destination in India.

This center is situated in south Kerala and spread across four hills. Now the world’s largest bird structured has been installed in Jatayu Earth’s center.

Jatayu Bird sculpture

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The Jatayu bird sculpture has a width of 150 feet, length of 200 feet and the height of 70 feet.

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Adventure rock hill

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Here everyone finds activities of their choice and it is one of the best spots for adventure seekers.

Elephant rock hill

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This place has been set up for night camping activities.

Kitchen Rock Hill

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People can seek here traditional Siddha treatment, not in an open area inside the caves.  It contains all accommodations facilities.

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Jatayu Adventure center is opened for the adventure seekers and other ventures are also approaching final levels of constructions.

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It is expected that the complete center will be open by April 2018.

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The mastermind behind the construction of Jatayu earth’s center is Rajiv Anchal. He is a well-known art director, film director, and sculptor. He said that the project of Jatayu Earth’s center is an output of 10 years of his dedication.

‘Jatayu’ symbolizes an era where humans and other living beings cared for each other and peacefully coexisted on this planet,” says Rajiv. (Image: Jayadevan Vayala)


I look for the overall development of humanity by creative artist excellence, says Rajiv.

The project Jatayu earth’s center is among the biggest private-public project in Kerala with facilities like hell joyrides, cable car ride, Siddha cave healing center, adventure center, and many more.