Barot Valley

Barot, located in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, is a small beautiful hill station situated on the Uhl river. One of the hidden beautiful places of Himachal, Barot valley was built for the power project on the Uhl River, which has gradually become popular as a hill station between the tourists.

Between Adventure Lovers this valley is quite famous because in this valley tourists can avail the trekking, fishing, camping,  etc. So then what are the plans for these holidays visiting Barot and the beautiful scenes hidden in the Shivalik range?

Where is Barot valley?


At the height of 6000 feet above sea level, there is no less than heaven for the amusement of Barot Valley in Mandi district.

How to reach Barot valley?

By airplane- The nearby airport of Barot Valley is Kullu Airport, which is located approximately 128 km from here. Once the airport is reached, the tourists can easily get here by bus.

The nearest railway station of Barot Valley by train is Joginder Nagar, from which can easily reach Barot Valley.

By bus- if you are coming by bus from Delhi, it is better that you go to Palampur and Baijnath, from here the way of Barot valley is very easy. You can also get help from Google Map too.

When to visit Barot Valley?


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Barot valley season is pleasant every year, tourists can visit this beautiful place anytime, although it is not possible to come during monsoon, this area receives heavy rainfall during monsoon, thus all the ways are closed.

What to do in Barot?

Barot valley is a beautiful valley, surrounded by high mountains and trees, where you can spend moments of relaxation with yourself away from the noise of the city.

Uhl River


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The only natural water body in Uhl river valley built by Thames Glacier in Dhauladhar Range It is one of Barot’s main attractions, the water of this river is always cool. Where tourists can enjoy fishing along with camping

Nargu Wildlife Century

Another prominent attraction of the valley on the other side of Uhl river is Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary. It is home to various animal species such as Himalayan Monal, Black Bear, and Ghore. The route of Kullu Trek passes through the dense forests of this Wildlife Sanctuary.

Chuhar valley

Chuhar Ghat, located in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, is a part of the Barot valley and other major attractions of this valley include Zankari village and Hurang Narayan temple. Another prominent attraction of this place is the Mandi Shivaratri, which is celebrated every year by the local people in the Valley very enthusiastically.



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If you want to enjoy the campsite in nature’s arms, there can not be a better place than Barot. The joy of enjoying camping between natural scenes is far different from the noise of the city.