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Slovenia is an outdoor lover’s paradise – here’s when to go

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Slovenia may only be small but it’s a land of epic scenery from pristine alpine lakes to soaring mountains. June is the perfect time to visit Slovenia. The winter snow has melted, meadows are in bloom and you can explore this tiny country before the high-summer crowds descend.

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Of course, there are historic towns on the Adriatic as well as wineries and museums across the country. But as locals would agree Slovenia is a wonderful place for outdoor adventure and June is the ideal time for it.

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Most Beautiful Places In Slovenia

The list in no particular order starts with

1. Predjama Castle & Postojna Cave

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In the south, the region of Notranjska is peppered with caverns.  Enter the immense system of karst caves at Skocjan of a head to the village of Predjama where there’s a castle wedged in a cliff face.

The castle was built in the 13th century with a cave mouth! It absolutely looks amazing and is one of the must-visit places in the country. The castle was picturized in several famous movies, including Armour of God with Jackie Chan.

Postojna Cave, located only 9 Kms from Predjama Castle; it’s considered as the best place to visit in Slovenia. A stroll here is one of the best things to do in Slovenia.

2. Ptuj

Situated in Northeastern Slovenia, Ptuj shares its borders with Croatia, Austria, and Hungary. It’s popularly known as one of the oldest towns in Slovenia. It’s a lovely Old Town and beautiful castle situated in the heart of the town.

3. Soča river – crystal clear emerald blue water

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Slovenia is adorned with one of the most beautiful rivers, the Soča river, flowing through Triglav National Park and soaring in the Julian Alps. It originates from a height of 1050 meters, south of the Vršič Pass. It’s pretty much popular amongst the kayakers and rafters. The Julian Alps are the epicenter of Slovenia’s favorite pastime- Hiking. June is a great time to climb to the highest point –Triglav which appears on the national flag.

Among all the European rivers, the Soca River is a pearl, usually considered to be the most beautiful river at all.

4. Ljubljana – the capital of Slovenia

Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia and even though it’s still not overpopulated by tourists. It boasts of different cultural and historical treasures. The city is amazingly surrounded by natural monuments and natural parks.

5. Piran – Slovenian Venice

Piran admired as one of the most beautiful Slovenian cities. It is located on a photogenic peninsula amid the Gulf of Piran and Bay of Strunjan. An old port is a big open-air museum having medieval buildings, appealing architecture, and rich history.

6. Vintgar Gorge – a natural monument

A natural, untouched, and wild nature monument, Vintgar Gorge is located in the heart of the Julian Alps; having close proximity to Lake Bled and is part of Triglav National Park.

In 1893, the gorge was already open to the public. Construction of hiking trails with wooden footpaths and bridges, held in the steep walls, was a challenging and a dangerous task at that time.

7. Lake Bohinj and Savica waterfall

Slovenia’s deepest lake, Lake Bohinj is 44.5 metres depth. It’s of glacial located at a height of 532 meters above sea level. You may not find so many visitors here as famous Lake Bled; but don’t worry, it’s evenly, fairly, and equally beautiful!

After seeing the place fenced by mountains, getting reflected in the tranquil water surface, you’ll understand why is this called God’s Paradise! Have a lazy walk around the lake, hire a bike or canoe, or just sit back and relax on its shores.

Savica waterfall is one of the most visited and the most romantic place in its region. It takes approx. 20 minutes to reach the place and while you tour, you can enjoy great views of the Lake. It’s one of the best things to do in Slovenia.

8. Škocjan Caves – famous cave system

A famous cave system in Slovenia – Škocjan Caves is part of it. The other part is a bit more famous called, Postojna Cave. Although, both of them are clearly among the most popular natural places in Slovenia.

This the reason why limestone caves are known as Škocjanske Jame in Slovenia. They are already engraved on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1986. In the south-west of the country in the Karst region, Škocjan Caves can be found; near the Koper town which is about 5 km from Divače.

9. Velika Planina – a favorite destination for sports-lovers

Velika Planina, which is sometimes termed as Great Highland, grows at a height of 1,666 meters above sea level. For the Slovenian people, this is not huge, as Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia, which measures 2,864 meters.

Velika Planina has its location in the Kamnik Alps; a favorite place for sports fans in the winter and in summer too. However, climbing on top is not that easy.

10. Triglav Lakes Valley

An astonishing valley in the Julian Alps, Triglav Lakes Valley, enhances its feathers of beauty amidst the slopes of Tičarica and Zelnarica mountains. It is located in the south-west of Triglav.

Valley of seven lakes (Dolina sedmerih Jezer) is the other name for Triglav Lakes Valley. Although, there are actually ten lakes and not seven.

11. Izola – the pearl of the Slovenian Adriatic coast

Izola, often known as the pearl of the Slovenian Adriatic coast. The port city of Izola looks like Venice. It is basically an island, which bit by bit merged with the mainland.

You will like its attractive narrow streets located in the narrow strip of land along with its picturesque harbor.

12. Bela Krajina

With each passing year, Bela Krajina is gaining more and more popularity. People are touring this beautiful zone which is closely located to the Croatian border.

This lovely, eco-friendly tourist destination has an absolute ambiance desired for a relaxing vacation. Having fresh, organic food from local producers, swimming in the turquoise clear lake, and breathing in fresh, unspoiled air are the things we all need.

13. Lake Bled

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Nearby, crystal-clear Lake Bled is warmed up by Thermal springs and is a wonderful place to swim. The gondola can take you to the Baroque Chapel and museum on Bled Island. It’s one of the best things to do in Slovenia.

Best Free Things To Do In Slovenia

  • Soca River is one of the best things to do in Slovenia.
  • From Kranjska Gora, the view is phenomenal.
  • Head towards serene Bohinj Lake.
  • Visit a tiny yet scenic village named Trenta.
  • Stop your eyes at Virje Waterfall which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia
  • Drive down to Vrsic Pass to enjoy one of the funniest, scariest, and entertaining drives in the world.
  • Enjoy biking around Bovec which is highly popular amongst adventure lovers as it’s a hub for adventurous activities.
  • Hike to the great Soca Gorge.
  • Marvel at the highest waterfall in Slovenia known as Boka Waterfall or Slap Waterfall. Also, it’s one of the most impressive waterfalls in Europe.
  • Visit the Napoleon Bridge.
  • Head towards the Fortress on Predil Pass.
  • Go to Kozjak waterfall.

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