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Why Solo Trip to Cuba is Absolutely Mind-blowing?

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Traveling with you and your shadow can be shaky if you have never traveled alone. But the fact is… traveling solo is just so awesome. Especially when it comes to Cuba!

Here’s Why Cuba is the Best Solo Travel Destination 

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Scroll down and learn how to make Cuba one of the most adventure trips to go unescorted and get some tips on how to dig out the best time of life in the way going on the best solo trip.

Cuban people are insanely welcoming and loving

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Cubans love meeting journeyers, while in other countries it is not so the case. There’s nothing to get surprised if you might get invited to someone’s grandmother’s house for dinner! And since you are traveling alone, you will be more accessible to the locals who are keen to make new friends.

Friendly indeed!

Cuban people
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They wish to talk with you more, especially if you are not accompanied by someone else. They can tell you’re a foreigner and will effort in starting up a conversation. If you are not interested, just jay:  

Either go with:

“Lo Siento, Estoy ocupado.” – “I’m sorry, I’m busy.”


“Lo Siento, yo no hablo español.” – “I’m sorry, I don’t speak Spanish.”

However, if they give you the impression of being friendly to you and you’re in the safe area,  then it can be a great way to make friends.

Note: Advice for life in general (and especially when you are overseas where you don’t speak the language), never travel with a stranger alone.

Go ahead making Cuban friends if you want and see the real Cuba life in a Casa Particular.

casa particular
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Casa particular is a phrase which means private accommodation, or private homestays in Cuba.

Making your way to casa particular instead of preferring a hotel is one of the best ways to save money and learn more about the culture. Casas particulares are basically family-owned bed and breakfasts, and now almost wholly through Airbnb.

The hosts in Cuba are very pleasant and will always give you an inviting vibe and will make you feel like you are in your own home when you stay with them- especially when you are traveling alone.

When you travel with me myself and I i.e. the only you, it’s completely different than traveling with someone else. And when you do that you will definitely be facing some hindrances, So, Cuba welcomes you with open arms as it’s one of the top travel destinations when you go solo!

You’ll get to dig into on your own schedule

solo trip
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You are free to do whatever you want to do and whenever you want to do. As long as you are safe and advice from a local, you’re basically set. As locals will be able to guide you properly the safe areas to stay, hang out, and meet new people.

They can also help you out with suggesting friends and family who give private lessons, own restaurants, or rent bikes for a fair price.

What you need to remember is that, knowing a local is the only way of getting informed like this because the internet is practically unavailable in Cuba.

Delicious food is waiting for you!

Cuba Food
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Cuba being the best place for trip for solo travelers when it comes to street food whenever hungry. Snacks including plantain crisps, fruit and veggies,  ice cream, and rice and beans can be found all over Cuba at affordable prices.

Traveling unaccompanied applies one special rule with itself which is street food: When you travel by yourself, you don’t need to wait for someone else to be hungry!

It’s easier to drink with the locals

Cuba drinks
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Cuba being the homeland of the mojito is one of the safe and fun places to get a drink and enjoy a night out. If you are shy about talking with someone, try going back to the same place a few nights a number of times. Hopefully, you will recognize some of the locals out there and feel more comfortable talking with them.

Expect Dancing in the night 

Cuba Dance
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No one with or no partner? Don’t worry! As action speaks louder than words; this is apt to say in the town as, “Dance speaks the language of Cuba,” and there are a number of locals who will take the lead.

Remember, Cubans dress up in a typical manner when they go out for drinks or dancing. Check out some tips to enjoy fullest on your solo trip

1. Learn Spanish

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In particular, if you are traveling alone, it can be hard to navigate and make friends in Cuba if you don’t speak Spanish. Even a primary understanding of language can help you a long way. If you have the time before your journey, try making efforts to learn Spanish. Undoubtedly, you will be pleased with what you did!

2. Expectations, especially if you’re a “she”, traveling solo

traveling solo
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As we have made you known above also, locals will try to communicate with you. It will go in addition for women, especially for foreign-looking women. Appreciate and understand the fact that Cubans are honest and straightforward with their feelings, emotions, and they only mean to compliment you.  Just say, “No gracias.” – “No thank you,” if you’re not interested.

You can also probably get a catcalling (whistle or shout especially from a crowd or audience). If you don’t feel comfortable, then walking around with a local or male traveler will likely stop the catcalling.

3. Keep track of your money

money belt
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If you are a traveling individual, then there’s no one who can solve your problem when you run out of money. It’s very difficult to find ATMs, and if you’re American, your credit and debit cards will not work in Cuba.

It’s very important (especially if you’re American) to go ahead in the journey with enough cash to enjoy all your trip without any hurdle.

Every individual should be careful about traveling with this much money like using money belts, safe boxes etc., but specifically solo travelers. Also, watchful of pickpockets or thieves.

Important Tip: Keep your money secured, and don’t keep all your cash in one place!

4. Use the bus and bikes for transport

bus transport
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Traveling by oneself, keep a note that candy-colored cabs are going to be expensive for one person bearing all the bill. We’re are not forcing you to not to travel or ride in them. Of course ride in them.

If you’re in Cuba, spend lavishly on a ride at least once. If you make friends, plan to do it together to divide the cost. But, apart from all this, the best way to get around by yourself is to take the bus or bike.

Bus tickets can be purchased on your own and are cheap on bike rentals. Then ask one of your local travel experts about the routes of the cities you are visiting. When traveling between places, use Viazul.

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5. Leave Havana

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If you want to have an epic solo adventure, try seeing more of Cuba than just Havana. Other popular spots for travelers include Viñales, Trinidad, and Baracoa. You’re in charge of your trip, so go where you want to go.

If you want to experience a tale solo trip, just try to explore more of Cuba than just Havana.  Viñales, Trinidad, and Baracoa are some other popular spots to hit to the adventure trips. You are the self-owner of your trip, so go where you want to go.

6. Be Relaxed

solo trip
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There will be plenty of moments for anyone who travels to Cuba and you will feel like Wow Cuba is so beautiful. Stay relaxed, and go with the flow. Just have a credible experience.

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