Adventure Trip5 Things To Do In Iskandar, Malaysia That Are...

5 Things To Do In Iskandar, Malaysia That Are Just Mind-Blowing!


One of the most popular travel destinations among the explorers and travelers, Malaysia is a holiday hub which attracts every kind of visitor, regardless of their budget-type. The experience that conceals the breath of tourists undoubtedly is the development sector in Iskandar, Malaysia.

With no scarcity of things to do in Iskandar, Malaysia, traveler enthusiasts get the opportunity of encountering the experiences which will not just be admired but will even make them wish to stay in this city for long-lasting time!

Right from shopping places to theme parks to luxurious cuisines and nature parks, something for everyone is packed here, despite their choices and age. To allow travelers to hold the vibrancy and excitement that surrounds the city’s atmosphere, a host of travelers come to spend their time luxuriously to this land.

Now, scroll through the list of some beautiful experiences that you’ll encounter on your Malaysian getaway!

Best 5 Things To Do In Iskandar Malaysia

With an ample amount of things to do in Iskandar Malaysia, it is sure that one will not get bored or disappointed when traveling to this dazzling city. Take a look at some of the most exciting experiences that one can encounter on their Malaysian vacation!

With enough things to do in Iskandar Malaysia, it is sure that one will not get bored or disappointed when traveling to this dazzling city. Take a look at some of the most exciting experiences one can encounter on a Malaysian vacation!

1. Combined Temple at Chua Chu Kang

Combined Temple at Chua Chu Kang

In Chua Chu Kang city, you’ll experience a cultural mix. This place’s religion is affected by Indian, Malaysian, Chinese, and various other places. They respect every religion and they even know how to display it to the rest of the world. They built Hindu temples, churches, and mosques with so much finesse and detailing in the architectural designs.

Soak yourself in the divine atmosphere of these shrines by taking some time out of the chaotic life of the city. Mark your presence to these places for engaging into the positive energy of this city.

2. Ice Skating at Jcube Mall

Ice Skating at Jcube Mall

Situated on JCube Mall’s Level 3; It is the only ice skating rink in Singapore. You’ll enjoy thrilling skating in this Olympic size rink, once you are finished with enjoyable shopping at JCube Mall.

This is one of the most mind-blowing things to do in Jurong East plus the place caters as the skating place for entertainment and leisure along with professional tournaments. If you’re trying skating for the very first time, be prepared to fall, bend, and turn before knowing the actual drill.

3. Have The Pleasure of Bird Shows at Jurong Bird Park

Bird Shows at Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is a quintessential place in not Jurong East only, but of the whole of Singapore. The area is spread over 02. square kilometre. This bird park gives the roof of shelter for 3,500 plus birds. Not only the beauty of vibrant feathered birds delight you, but the spectacular shows and acrobats shown by birds make everyone go flabbergasted and aww at the same time.

Bird shows such as High Flyers and the Skies are truly enthralling and is undeniably one of the best things to do in Malaysia during your holiday in Jurong East.

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4. At LEGOLAND, Experience The Posh Stay

legoland hotel

Inspired by the famous film, LEGO, LEGOLAND is the accommodation location which is eye-catching for adults and little travelers. This resort is the best option for stay who want to indulge in an immensely offbeat thing.

The Dragon-guarded gateways, bedrooms on LEGO-theme, Lego pirate castles and ships that cover lobby floors, and other corresponding features serve as symbols of the imagination that transforms into reality. This hotel is undoubtedly worth your stay, allowing visitors to create the most cherished memories.

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5. Meet the Sweet Delicacies at “Lavender”

Lavender bakery

One of the must-try stuff in Malaysia is, of course, food, especially age-old recipes, bakeries in old-school; all these recipes are made with ultimate authenticity. Iskandar Malaysia’s floors are all about the bulk of bakeries which make locals and travelers, both have the cravings for more! Lavender is such a type of bakery whose specialty is catering to ancient world cuisine with a contemporary twist.

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