AsiaTravel Guide To Indonesia | Tips To Follow While...

Travel Guide To Indonesia | Tips To Follow While Touring Indonesia


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If you are planning a tour to Indonesia and still wondering where to start, what things to include while traveling? Then follow the below travel guide to Indonesia along with tips for an unforgettable experience in Indonesia.

The travel guide includes tips related to things you require during travel, the visa process of Indonesia, things to do in Indonesia, Accommodation and travel guide, things not to do as well as top places for shopping and street food.  

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Travel Guide To Indonesia

Tips for packing

Tips for Packing in Indonesia
Tips for Packing in Indonesia

As Indonesia has so much to offer for everyone, you must make sure the clothes you are wearing are suitable for the places you are planning to visit. From having several religious places like Mosques, Churches, and temples, the country also offers places for an adventure such as watersports, trekking, and many more. Make sure you can only carry up to 10 Kg while traveling to Indonesia. 

Follow the below steps to know more about the ideal clothes and essentials you must carry while touring Indonesia:

  • Ideal Clothes to wear in Indonesia:

    As Indonesia is a tropical country, the weather here is mostly humid. In such a case wear cotton clothes for safety from humidity

  • Ideal Clothes while visiting a Mosque:

    As Indonesia is a Muslim majority, you will most probably be visiting a mosque, especially in Jakarta, Jawa, or the city of Makassar.  Do wear clothes that would cover the whole body from the neck to above the toes. Women must cover their heads as it is an obligation as per the sharia law. 

  • Ideal Clothes for Temples:

    If you are planning to visit a Hindu temple, especially in places like Bali, or Sumatra then don’t forget to carry a sarong in order to cover your shoulder and legs. 

  • Trekking Clothes:

    Before going trekking or mountaineering don’t forget to carry some warm clothes as the temperature might be low above the mountains. 

  • Other Essentials:

    Apart from clothes, do carry some skin care products such as sunscreen and aloe vera gel. While going for a hike, also carry a bug spray to avoid mosquito or insect bites. 

  • Electronics:

    Carry universal charging especially when you are going camping in order to avoid any inconvenience. Don’t forget to carry a DSLR camera if you are visiting the beautiful landscapes in Bali. 

Visa Process and Indonesian Currency

Tips for Packing in Indonesia
Tips for Packing in Indonesia

Indonesia offers a visa arrival option for over 160 countries all over the world. Though you need a passport which must be valid for up to 6 months. You don’t need a Visa to stay in Indonesia for up to 30 and after that, you will be required to carry Visa. 

Before arriving in Indonesia follow the below tips to avoid any hindrance during your trip:

  • Don’t forget to carry your return ticket as the passport officials will ask for it while issuing you Visa. 
  • As a non-Indonesian, You will be required to pay extra taxes on your arrival at the airport. Generally, the taxes are included in your travel cost.
  • The Indonesian currency is IDR, Indonesia Rupiah. The country is quite inexpensive as compared to India and other South Asian countries. 

The Indonesian locals quote the price by excluding the last 3 digits i.e 10,000 will be quoted as 10 IDR, not 10 thousand. 

Below is the value of Indonesian Currency against Indian currency and other major countries:

  • 1 INR = 190.38 IDR
  • 1 PKR = 80.80 IDR 
  • 1 Euro = 16,078.56 IDR
  • 1 USD = 14,336 IDR

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Dos and Don’t in Indonesia 

Things To and Things Not To Do In Indonesia
Things To and Things Not To Do In Indonesia

There is no doubt Indonesia is one of the most welcoming countries you would ever visit. Though there are different religious groups in Indonesia, somehow they follow the same culture. Before planning to travel here you must be aware of dos and don’ts in Indonesia in order to avoid making any mistakes or something that may hurt the locals. 

  • Dos:


    • Wear decent and respectful clothes while visiting religious places.
    • Take off your shoes outside while entering someone’s home or religious place.
    • Download offline maps to be able to locate certain places, such as islands, beaches, or mountains. 
    • Beware of theft in a common tourist place or a place with a huge crowd. Always carry your travel insurance as a precaution. 
    • Purchase a local sim to be able to communicate outside Indonesia or within the country. Simpati is a famous sim brand that is easily available in local mobile shops. 
    • Learn the basics of the Indonesian language that help you communicate with locals such as shopkeepers, taxi drivers,s and tour guides. Some of the common phrases of Indonesian with meaning: 

Hello: Hello

Where?: Di Mana?

Thank You: Terima Kasih

Yes: Ya

Sorry: Maff

How Much: Berapa?

  • Don’t
    • Using Left Hand: Don’t use your left hand in Indonesia as it is considered dirty by the locals. Being a Muslim country, Indonesian eat and greet with their right hands. Never offer anything with your left hand even while making cash payments.
    • Shouting or Aggressive Gestures in Public: Never shout or act aggressively in public in Indonesia. Indonesian are quite well-mannered and would hardly see anyone shouting in public.  
    • Being Overly Sexual in Public: Unlike Bali which is known to be a liberal society, the rest of Indonesia is pretty conservative and you are not allowed to get physical with your partner in public places. 
    • Drinking water from tap: Always carry your water bottle and avoid drinking from the tap as it is usually unsafe. 
    • No Alcohol in Public: Being a Muslim Majority country, it is prohibited to drink alcohol in public places as it goes against Islamic values.  

4. Transportation and Accommodations Options 

Transportation in Indonesia
Transportation in Indonesia

There are numerous options to travel throughout Indonesia. If you are traveling to Bali then you can hire a cab that can help explore the entire region. The most popular cab service is Bluebird cabs, which arrives within 10 of booking. The travel charges through Bluebird are calculated with an in-built meter. 

Another option for transportation is to rent a scooter or a bike, Grabbing a two-wheeler is a good option when you are traveling to small places. 

As far as Accommodations in Indonesia, they are quite affordable and if you are visiting the major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Makassar, Yogyakarta, and Bali then you can find accommodation options from high to low budgets. You can choose from hostels, apartments, villas, and even resorts

The average cost of accommodation in Indonesia ranges from 30,000 IDR to 57,000 IDR i.e 150 INR to 300 INR. If you choose to stay in a 5-star hotel then it will cost you between 1,500 INR to 2,500 INR. 

5. Best Places To Visit In Indonesian For Shopping And Street Food

If you are looking for the best places to visit in Indonesia for shopping along with street food then Jakarta and Bali are the best options. There are over 170 malls in Jakarta where you can purchase luxurious branded clothes at reasonable rates. 

Other than malls, you can also visit the famous traditional shops where you can purchase clothes, fruits, vegetables and many more at a much cheaper rate. 

Top Places to visit in Indonesia for Shopping:
  • Grand Indonesia Mall in Jakarta: One of the Largest Shopping malls in Indonesia where you can brand clothes at reasonable rates with plenty of seasonal offers. 
  • Pacific Place in Jakarta: Also referred to as the business hub of Jakarta, Pacific Place is a 6-story mall where can find world-class clothing brands. It is best advised to visit this market during festivals or seasons to avail of several discounts and offers. 
  • Pasar Tanah Abang: One of the most crowded markets in Jakarta which is quite popular for offering various products. The market is quite similar to the famous Old Delhi market. You can also purchase daily goods at wholesale rates. 
  • Pasar Cibaduyut: The most famous leather market in Indonesia where you find a variety of leather products. While most of the tourists come here to purchase leather shoes, you can also look for some leather-made goods such as bags, clothes, and others. 
  • Matahari Supermall Karawaci: An ideal place to shop for casual and daily wear. The market offers huge discounts in all seasons. 

Top Places to visit in Indonesia for Street Food:

  • Babur Ayam at Barito Street: The famous street food of Jakarta which usually served as breakfast. You can try this food in Barito Street in Jakarta. 
  • Gulai Tikungan at Mahakam Street: Try the spicy Gulai Tinkungan at Mahakam Street which is served with spruce and rice. It basically beef slices that are drenched in spice and sauces.

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