KolkataTravel To Kolkata Hassle-Free: A Travel Guide For First-Timers

Travel To Kolkata Hassle-Free: A Travel Guide For First-Timers


Kolkata is known as the “City Of Joy“. It is a melange of affluent and destitute people. A city that is home to India’s largest population. Kolkata is a city with colonial architecture, traditional soul, tempting street food, cultural festivals, dance, history, passion, etc. Here you will find innumerable happy souls.

This city is not like Mumbai, not as modern as Delhi. However, it has the glory that warms everyone’s heart who is willing to find peace and comfort. This soulful and joyful city is elevated, friendliest, vibrant, and embrace everyone. Its aura makes it a must-visit city in the world.

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Besides having beautiful people, a wide range of tempting food, Kolkata offers some fantastic attractions, temples and luxurious hotels, and good shopping places. So, without further ado, let’s know about all this in our Kolkata Travel Guide, loaded with lots of important traveling tips.

Here’s What Is Included:

  • Things To Do
  • Where to Stay
  • Restaurant in Kolkata

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All you need to have is good haggling skills. With plenty of hawkers, colorful products, and people of various kinds, these shopping hubs always look vibrant and lively.

One of the best places to rove through is the Esplanade district. It’s a buzzing street loaded with history and architecture. Also, it’s a big shopping hub where you can get items at an affordable range.

From clothes, shoes, earrings, bracelets, bags, utensils to spices, everything is accessible here. All you need is to have good bargaining skills. With a wide range of colorful products, numerous hawkers, this shopping place always looks lively and vibrant. Here, you will also find different transportation options, from trolleys to long-distance buses.

Mullick Ghat Flower Market

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Another popular attraction in Kolkata is Mullick Ghat Flower Market. It is the busiest and biggest flower market in the city. Flowers not only look beautiful and smell good, but they are also an essential part of life. People buy them for various purposes, including wedding decorations, temple prayers, and festivals.

On your visit to this lovely city, visit this flower market at early 8 am to see the sellers negotiate, haggle, and sell their flower bundles.

Getting there: The flower market is situated next to the Howrah bridge.

Howrah Bridge:

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You might be thinking of how a bridge can be a must place to visit in Kolkata? Well, we will tell you the reason. Howrah bridge is not an ordinary bridge; it is the longest cantilever steel bridge connecting Kolkata and Howrah. This makes it an attractive location to visit in Kolkata. It looks so beautiful at night when the bridge lights are on.

What To Eat In Kolkata?

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Beautifully decorated with a unique-dining ambiance, Kolkata is a great place to satisfy your taste buds with Delicious Bengali Culinary. Famous Kolkata food menu includes smoked bhekti, smoked boneless hilsa, which is well-marinated with green chilies and mustard paste. Then while serving, they wrap it in a banana leaf. Finish off your dinner with famous sweets in Kolkata, including sweetened yogurt and mishti doi.

Where To Stay In Kolkata?

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Before visiting any new city, you google places where you can make affordable accommodation. If you search on Google “affordable places to stay in Kolkata,” the result will show Sudder street or Park street. These are popular tourist areas in the city with several shops, hotels, and eateries. So, we have listed down the hotels where you can stay at a very affordable price with good amenities.

Affordable Hotels To Stay In Kolkata:

  • Orbit HotelNovotel
  • Floatel
  • Hotel Aston International
  • Barsana Boutique Hotels
  • Mayur Residency
  • Hotel Executive Tower
  • Hotel Emirates
  • Hotel Platinum
  • Hotel Aura
  • Hotel Radiant
  • Weather Of Kolkata

There are three main seasons you will love; Monsoon, Summer, and Winter. Check below to learn in detail about visiting in these seasons.

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Summer Season: If you plan to go on a vacation in Kolkata during the summer season, the climate would be hot and humid. It ranges from 36C to a minimum of 25 C.

Monsoon Season: Monsoon starts from June till September in Kolkata, and it will be good to visit at that time.

Winter Season: It is the best season with minimal perspiration and humidity to visit Kolkata. The temperature in winter ranges from 14C.

 Be Aware Of These Things While Visiting Kolkata:

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Be careful of over-friendly taxi drivers on your arrival in Kolkata, be at the railway station or airport. This doesn’t mean that they are bad or something, it’s because they usually try to take an extra amount for taxi fare, especially if you’re a foreign tourist. You can go for yellow taxi drivers as they go by the meter.

Before eating any street food, make sure you would be able to digest it. At Someplace street foods can give your stomach trouble.

That’s all, folks! There are a lot of places and activities to do in the ‘City Of Joy’. Our Kolkata Travel Guide is made for first-time travellers in the city, guiding them to get well-acquainted with the place.

Do you have any questions regarding any travel place? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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