Asia11 Beautiful Places In Japan That Are Hard To...

11 Beautiful Places In Japan That Are Hard To Believe Really Exist!


Have you at any point visited the most beautiful place in Japan? The place where there is the rising sun extremely novel and unique as not in relation to any other place on Earth. The way of life is exceptionally rich, antiquated, and profoundly established.

Here is a list of some places in Japan where the beauty of these places speaks! Essentially stunning and certainly these places will be set on your fantasy goal travel outline, beyond any doubt.

Most Amazing places in Japan

1. Sagano Bamboo Forest, In Arashiyama


Plan to visit this magical bamboo woods out of the visitor season to make the most of its appeal completely which is undisturbed by swarms of individuals. It’s the second most visited place by tourists in Japan. It’s known to be amongst Japan’s most beautiful places

2. Fields Of Shibazakura

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The blossom celebration happens in the months of April and June under the wonderful Mount Fuji. Early mornings are superb involvement in this piece of the year in The Fuji Shibazakura.

3. Pre-winter In Hitachi Seaside Park

Plan to visit in pre-winter Hitachi Seaside Park on the east shoreline of Honshu, Japan’s greatest island and appreciate this striking sight.

4. Hitachi Seaside Stop


Child blue fields hued by 4,5 million blossoms are the ideal place to visit in all parts of the year in north-east of Tokyo.

Located on the coast of the city of Hitachi, in Ibaraki Prefecture. Ibaraki is one of those breathtaking places in Japan where visitors often make their way from Tokyo reaching up to northeastern Tohoku region, but Hitachi Seaside Park is undoubtedly one of the worth visiting places in Japan especially if the baby blue eye or Nemophila, flowers blossom as Child blue fields hued by 4,5 million blossoms. Wow!

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5. Wisteria Tunnel 


It’s an exotic tunnel od cascading flowers and this wonderful passage of Wisteria blooms is situated at the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu.

Wisteria is an ornamental or dressy vine, immensely popular in both Eastern and Western gardens for its charming and graceful hanging flowers and its fancily decorated, winding, twisting, and zigzag branches.

Interestingly, there are near about 150 flowering wisteria plants of around 20 species that make this exquisite garden full of shades. The best time to visit is late April. 

6. Fushimi Inari-Taisha

credit:Japan guide

Fushimi Inari Shrine is situated in Southern Kyoto which is an important Shinto Shrine. It’s popular for its thousands of vermilion torii gates on both sides making a network of twisting trails around the primary buildings. These trails make their way to the wooded forest of the holy Mount Inari, standing at 233 meters and resides on the shrine grounds. 

and committed to Inari, the Shinto divine force of rice. A large number of vermilion torii entryways straddle the different twisting trails around the primary structures. Planty statues of foxes can be found in this holy place, which is accepted to be Inari’s delegates.

Fushimi Inari, one of the most important shrines in Japan is dedicated to Inari, the Shinto god of rice. There are Foxes which are thought to be Inari’s messengers and therefore resulting in the bulk of fox statues across the shrine grounds.

7. Natadera Temple

Natadera Temple is a temple of the Shingon faith of Japanese Buddhism near Awazu Onsen. The large temple grounds have several buildings, a pond garden, and a typical rock face with hand-cut meditation caves and footsteps shaped into the cliffside.

In 717, the temple was founded by a Buddhist Monk who visited Mount Hakusan in search of a goddess believed to live there. After the Buddhist monk realized that the goddess was Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of mercy and compassion, the monk built a wooden image of Kannon, along with Mount Hakusan which remains Natadera’s major object of worship currently.

The best time to visit this place is during winter when it wakes up.

8. Waterway In Kawagoe


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This is Tokyo territory known for its waterways. The best time to visit is amid the Kawagoe Festival which happens on the third few days of October. Here the Sakura petals are spread all over the Shingashi River in Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan in the month of Spring.

9. Bamboo Light Festival In Taketa, Ōita


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Taketa Bamboo Lantern Festival, also known as Chikuraku is one of the biggest attractions in the city which is lit by more than 20,000 lanterns in the month of November. The celebration starts on the third Friday of November. These awesome lanterns are lit up at 4:30 pm each day at the signal of the Temple bell. The festival began in 2000 as a method for managing the quickly developing bamboo.

10. Keage Incline In Kyoto


Once a vital transport course, today an extremely enchanting spot to visit when you are in Japan. The best time is amid cherry blossom season to take a tranquil stroll on stays of an old railroad. There are a free exhibition hall and an old red block reservoir conduit adjacent, that are worthy of the visit.

The beautiful Keage Incline is a 582-meter long slope with railroad tracks, situated near the Nanzen-Ji Temple in Higashiyama.

Also, the place is a two-minute walk from Keage station on the Tozai subway line in Kyoto.

11. Chureito Pagoda And Mount Fuji

cREDIT:Japan Info

Mount Fuji is a genuine gemstone of Japan. Extraordinary compared to other perspectives of this staggering mountain is from Chureito Pagoda, a peace remembrance worked in 1963. It is a 400 stages climb, you better be fit as a fiddle, yet the view will unquestionably bring you back all vitality you put into climbing.

The Chureito Pagoda glorifies its beauty in the shape of a five-storied pagoda located on the mountainside overlooking Mount Fuji and Fujiyoshida City off in the distance. The pagoda is a part of  Asakura Sengen Shrine which consists of 400 stages climb and was built in the peace memorial in 1963.

The location of Mount Fuji, a genuine gemstone of Japan offers picturesque views especially during the cherry blossom season in mid-April and also during the autumn color season in the first half of November. The spot is especially popular amongst photographers.

12. The Pagoda Of Seigantoji And Nachi No Taki Waterfall

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The ideal blend of Japan’s exceptional nature and antiquated engineering. Situated in Wakayama Prefecture, Higashimuro, the pagoda is a three-story building which stands appropriate close to Japan’s tallest waterfall, Nachi Fall (133 meters high or more than 430ft). It’s one of the most beautiful places in Japan. 

The temple is also connected to Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine, displaying the often harmonious relationship between Buddhism and Shintoism.

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