Sri Lanka is known for its natural beauty and it is here that the tourists are busy. There are many famous places to roam here, but seeing the beauty of some special places here, your eyes will remain open. Let’s take you to Sri Lanka’s similar 9 exciting places to visit …


1. You will enjoy the beautiful view of the train and outdoors passing through the Ella mountains and forests in Ella of Sri Lanka.

2. The Kelani river derived from Nuwaraileya Nuwarailiya mountain is considered as the lifeline of Colombo. Nuwaraileya is a hill town situated on an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. Nellu flower, which once blooms once in fourteen years, named this place named Nuwara Eliya. It’s one of the most beautiful spots in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka

3. Pinhavala Elephant Orphanage from this place in Sri Lanka, you will not want to come back quickly because enjoying the feat of elephants and their children will give you a different experience.

4. Polonnaruva is the only fun to look at the things of the old time and you will get a chance to be very impressed with such a lot of things.

dambulla cave temple

5. Dambulla Kev Temple In this temple of Sri Lanka you will find amazing views of the artwork. There are 150 statues of Lord Buddha present here.

6. Adamas Peak is one of the most beautiful places of Sri Lanka, Adams Peak, and if you want the beauty of the rising sun, then go to the place at night and place the camp here. This place has been made part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7. The Old Dutch Fort is looking for a relaxing moment in the afternoon, a better moment than watching the sea from the Old Dutch Fort cannot be anything else.

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8. Sangria rock went to Sri Lanka and did not come to this beautiful place made in the fifth century, then your trip would not be incomplete. It’s one of the most beautiful spots in Sri Lanka.

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