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7 Best Places To Visit In Mexico In Winters

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While you may be viewing Mexico as a deserted destination, there’s a lot you still have to explore. It could be an amazing and extraordinary winter getaway with worthwhile things to see and do. Winters poise the perfect time to explore Mexico and grab experiences for a lifetime. Parts of Southern Mexico are known to be warmer than the ones in Northern Mexico. Most of the locals move towards the southern climes in order to avoid the frosty weather and bask in the sun amid warmer climate. There are several great beach destinations in Southern Mexico that are generally warm and friendly. So, if you’re planning winter holidays in Mexico, read further for all the details and suggestions you need.

Exploring Mexico During Winters 

Geographical locations of your favorite holiday destinations are a matter of concern for worthwhile experiences. While Mexico City is situated at a higher altitude than others, it is important to plan everything accordingly. Certainly, the weather is going to have a major impact on how you move further with explorations, plan, and execute them.

While you would be waking up to foggy mornings, afternoons are likely to be the most comfortable and warm, and the nights chilled. The northern areas are generally the most chilled. But the festivals from December through January are way more notable than the drop in temperature.  

Mexico in winter
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There would be numerous cultural programs and celebrations in Mexico around this time. You will come across some unique Mexican cultures and traditions. The remarkable Christmas buildup, “La Posadas,” will grab your attention. It commemorates the journey of Mother Mary and Father Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

This day is accompanied by various other traditional experiences, which remain the major highlights of winter holidays in Mexico. Apart from cultural explorations, there are various other interesting things to do, enjoy, and create memories. If you are a lively person, you will also get enough chances to enjoy cocktail and pool parties.  

Best Things To do In Mexico In Winters 

1. Visit Ajijic 

visiting Mexico in winter
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Jalisco Ajijic is known to be a part of Chapala or Lake Chapala and remains one of the most visited places in Mexico. Ajijic sits at the northern end of Lake Chapala, which is also the largest freshwater lake in Mexico. Outlined by the Sierra Madre Mountains, this place has a pleasant, peaceful vibe. Favorable temperatures and less humidity make it a great place to explore. 

Situated just a few miles away from Chapala, Ajijic has all the amenities that you may need for a comfortable life. You can stroll around, explore art galleries, and watch out for some interesting art pieces. You may get around at the city markets while listening to the beautiful Mariachi music that belongs originally here. 

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2. Witness The Beauty Of San Miguel de Allende 

Mexico in winter
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Of all the towns you come across in Mexico, San Miguel de Allende is one of the prettiest. This place is well known for its music, culture, art, and food. It’s the historic center of the city with various amazing explorations. There are old cathedrals, churches, museums, parks, and public libraries. This town was discovered in the late 1930s and 1940s by some foreign artists who also established the institutes of culture and art. English remains the most commonly spoken language here since half of the population constitutes of US tourists. 

3. Explore Ensenada 

Visiting Mexico in winter
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This one is a perfect place to explore in Mexico in winter. Ensenada is known to be one of the largest cities in the Baja Mexico region. This town is popular for hosting its cruise ship tours, extensive wine production, and aerospace center. This place is situated in close proximity to the United States with a cheap cost of living and moderate temperature, which makes it desirable among people here.

There are two national parks nearby with popular observatories: San Pedro Mártir and the Sierra de Juarez. While they are worth visiting, you should explore Todos Santos, the most renowned surfing site. In Valle de Guadalupe, a well-known festival is held every year during the harvest period of grapes. It is one of the largest producers of wine. Food remains the major highlight here.  

4. Get Closer To The Ancients At Tlaxcala City 

Mexico in winter
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The Colonial, Tlaxcala City, is said to be built by Spanish people in Mexico. The State of Tlaxcala is the smallest among all other states in Mexico. There’s a big commercial area at Plaza de la Constitución’s large city center. It features the famous Santa Cruz fountain, various bars, and fountains. You would also come across various historical buildings, including Centro Historico de Tlaxcala, which is worth exploring with the murals of the Government Palace.

The Franciscan monastery, Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Ocotlán, is also a place worth exploring and a prominent tourist attraction. This place is popular for bullfights so, if you love them, make sure to catch up with one. You will have many archeological sites, museums, and historical attractions to explore here.

5. Some More Colonial Vibes At Oaxaca

Mexico in winter
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The colonial town and capital Oaxaca is one of the best places to visit in Mexico in winter. It has been declared as a World Heritage Site, offering amazing weather, exotic food, archeological sites, art galleries, museums, cathedrals, and adorable craftworks throughout the year. This place is also titled “Mexico’s Culinary Capital”, you will get a lot more delicious dishes that will become your favorite. 

Hierve el Agua is a prime eco-tourism destination near Oaxaca. It’s a natural mineral spring that takes you closer to nature. You can take back many things from here, including ceramics, wood carvings, and tapestries. People performing traditional dance forms on the streets may also grab your attention. 

6. Indulge In Water Sports At Zihuatanejo 

Mexico in winter
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Situated on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, Zihuatanejo is one of the best Mexican destinations to enjoy water sports and live the best of island life. For a long time, this place has been one of the backpackers’ favorite. It still has a traditional touch to itself, which proves to be great for those who want to stay away from private beach parties. Sitting on the northern end of the long bay, El Centro’s stone-made streets will grab your attention. It is aligned with art galleries, boutiques, quaint, colorful houses, restaurants, and hotels.  

The exotic seafood here is too amazing to miss. Visiting the scenic Zihua beach will offer you some great experiences. Art shows, exhibitions, concerts, and various other events are known to be quite a trend; therefore, it would be great to catch up with a few of them. You may indulge in other activities like diving, snorkeling, surfing, horseback riding, sports fishing, etc. Winter is definitely the best time to enjoy all of these activities in Mexico.  

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7. Observe And Play Around With The Monarch Butterflies 

Mexico in winter
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If you have enough time to explore places on the outskirts of Mexico City, it would be worthwhile to catch up with Monarch butterflies. The beautiful, orange-black winged creatures are so adorable that you would want to keep looking at them.

These butterflies are North American migrants that come to Mexico during this seasonal change. They are particularly found in the fir forests of Michoacán and Mexico State. You will find them fluttering around freely on pleasant, breeze-free days. 

While there could be a long list of places to visit and things to do in Mexico in winter, the best ones are listed here. We suggest you enquire more about the various festivals held during this time to plan your getaway well. Proper planning and execution will surely help you with an amazing holiday.

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