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Most Fascinating Places To Visit In Sicily, The Dream Island Of Italy 


Being known for various cultures and vast history, there are plenty of tourist attractions and places to visit in Sicily. For years, Sicily has been one of the top tourist attractions all over the globe. While it is a dream destination for many,  there are some tourists who have not gotten over this Italian mainland even after visiting multiple times.

Not only this, but this landscape also houses the tallest active volcano in Europe.  There is a number of uniquely designed archaeological wonders which you may have never seen. Sicily is basically a small Island based in southern Italy, which is believed to be the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. 

In this article, we outlined the top 10 most exciting places to visit in Sicily with some major tourist attractions. 

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Top 10 Places To Visit In Sicily 

  1. Palermo

Places to visit in Sicily, Palermo

The oldest city on the Island, Palermo is one of the most unusual and unique places to visit in Sicily. Also, the city has the most number of sites listed in the top UNESCO sites. Palermo is one of those places with plenty of things to explore, things to do, and even stories to hear.  

Being the cultural and economical center of Sicily, the top tourist attractions in Palermo include the Palermo Cathedral, the Royal Palace of Normans dating back to the 9th century, La Martorana,  and the church of San Giovanni Degli Eremiti.  

Location: Southern Italy 

2. Syracuse

Explore Syracuse
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Syracuse is a must-visit place on the eastern coast of Sicily. The major historical site in Syracuse includes the cathedral of Piazza Duomo, Castello Maniace, the Temple of Apollo, and others. Apart from historical sites, don’t forget to visit the Neapolis Archaeological Park of Syracuse. 

A trip to Syracuse would be incomplete if you o not taste delicious cuisines. Some of the famous dishes you should try are Arancini snacks, Granita, and Pasta Alla Norma. Arancini is a rice snack that is stuffed with meat and chees. The snack can be easily found in Ortigia and several other places in Syracuse.     

Location: Southeast corner of Italy

3. Agrigento

via -unsplash

Situated at the top of the hilly countryside and a few distances away from Sicily’s southern coast, Agrigento is one of the holiest places to visit in Sicily. Also known as the Valley of Temples, Agrigento is one of the oldest cities dating back to 581 B.C. The city is listed among the Archaeological Areas of Agrigento in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. 

Among the top tourist attractions in Agrigento include Tempio di Concordia, Temple di Juno Lacina, Tempio di Heracles or Temple of Hercules, San Biago, and several others. Most of these temples are ruined either from the mid-centuries or Baroque era. The temple of Concordia is one of the best preserved which existed since 425 BC.  

Location: Southern coast of Italy 

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4. Ortigia

Ortigia, places to visit in Sicily
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Also referred to as the sweetest Island of Italy, Ortigia is yet another ancient site in Sicily. Ortigia is believed to be the largest during the ancient Greek era which housed more than 300k people and also served as the powerhouse of the military, and the economy. Here you will find various historical buildings including ruins that are over 2,500-years old. 

Apart from several historical sites, there are plenty of other places to visit in Ortigia. While in Ortigia, don’t forget to visit the popular daily market of Via Emmanuele De Benedectis. It is a traditional market of Sicily where you can find seasonal fruits, herbs, vegetables, meat, and many more.  

Location: At the tip of Syracuse 

5. Erice

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Though not so popular, Erice is yet another place in Sicily with plenty of things to do. Spending a few hours in Erice is worth it while you are traveling to Palermo or the valley of temples i.e Agrigento. The medieval village stands at 750 meters at the top of the mountain. There is a long list of things to do along with places to explore here which leads back to the history of this village. 

The best way to explore this city is by walking towards the streets. You will witness a calming and peaceful atmosphere while passing through small houses that are designed with incredible architecture and multiple colors. Also, don’t miss the famous Fortress of Erice i.e Castello di Venere which belongs to Normans.  

Location: Trapani Province of Italy

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6. Mount Etna

Mount Etna
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The World Heritage as per the list of UNESCO since 2013, Mount Etna is the tallest volcano in entire Europe with a height of over 3300 meters. It first erupted around 570,000 years ago. It erupted again in 1669 which formed Monti Ross and again in 1928. If your visit during the summer season, they don’t miss hiking here.

The Volcano also has several snow sports during the winter season. Make sure you are carrying wind jackets, trainers as well trekking shoes while going for snowsports. You can also visit the lava flow caves by accompanying a travel guide. Some of the must-visit caves are Grootta dei Ladroni, Grotta dei Lamponi and Grotta Serracozza. 

Location: East coastline of Sicily

7. Cefalu Cathedral

Cefalu Cathedral
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Established by Roger II of Altavilla in 1131, Cefalu Cathedral was actually built as a mausoleum of the Royal Family. The church went through several reconstructions. The initial structure was very complex where many parts were incomplete. The architecture of Cefalu Cathedral is based on the Romanesque style along with some Islam architectures. 

While touring Cefalu Cathedral, you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view from the top of its twin pyramid-style towers. If you looking for uniquely designed historical sites in Sicily then do pay a visit to this magnificent Fortress-style Cathedral. 

Location: Piazza del Duomo

8. Aeolian Island

Aeolian Island
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One of the top tourist attractions in Sicily, the Aeolian Islands welcome more than 200,000 tourists every year. The island is quite popular among hikers and mountain climbers. Though many travelers also came here to enjoy the scenic beauty, picturesque views and also to spend some hours in luxury resorts. 

An adventure place for nature geeks, going for a hike or mountain climbing is something you should not miss while traveling Sicily. Make sure you can only climb up to 400 on your own and after that, you will be accompanied by a guide. An organized trek group leaves daily at 3:30 pm and 6:00 pm which would take around 2.5 hours to reach the destination.   

Location: North Coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. 

9. Ragusa

Ragusa and Monica
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Ragusa is the same place where the famous tv series Inspector Montalbano was shot. Most of the scenes were shot at the Castle of Donnafugata and rest at the neighboring towns. The place went through several earthquakes and destructions. Many of the buildings you will see here are either reconstructed or completely rebuilt. 

If we talk about the major tourist attractions in Ragusa, then don’t forget to include places like Ragusa Oldtown, San Giovanni Cathedral, Modica, San Giorgio Giardino Ibleo, Chiesa Did San Giuseppe, and Castello di Donnafugata. 

Location: Southern Italy 

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10. San Vito Lo Capo Beach

San Vito Lo Capo Beach
via – envato

The beautiful white sand beach of Sicily, San Vito Lo Capo Beach welcomes a huge number of tourists during the warm seasons. It is one of the top beaches of Sicily with plenty of things to do and explore. 

Among the top activities, swimming in the San Vito sea is one of the top things you shouldn’t miss. Some nearby tourist attractions in San Vito include Tonnara del Secco which is an ideal place for fishing, Bue Marino’s Cave, and also Macari beach.       

Location: Northwestern Italy

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