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The Best Cities for an Epic New Year’s Eve to Ring in 2021

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As we are this close to entering the ‘New Year’, just like you, we also pray that this coming year will bring peace, cheer, and success in our lives. Like every year, people are excited to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021 with a big smile.

Mid-night kisses are being anticipated, new year resolutions are being set up, and a night out with friends is being planned. Are you also thinking about having fun or going on a trip under the coronavirus pandemic condition?

Due to covid-19, there might be few restrictions in some places, so make sure to check and read all the guidelines before you travel to any country. Thus, if you are stressing over your new year’s plan, then fret no more! As, after all, the R &D, we have sorted out the name of the places where you can plan your New Year 2021 and have an otherworldly experience.


Paris needs no introduction!  It’s always been the most visited destinations around the world. As you would expect, a New year’s celebration in Paris has to be equally dreamy. Hold a hand of your loved one and cruise down the Seine river as you cheers Champagne.

The cruise ride gives you a breath-taking view of the ultimate romantic city and drives you down the Orsay Museum, Eiffel tower, The louvre Museum, and Notre Dam. With magical fireworks at the top of the Eiffel tower, the light up lanes, making Paris the most romantic place to celebrate new year with your loved ones.

New Year Special: If you are looking for fun parties till dawn, do visit Champs Elysees. It is one of the most stunning avenue in the world to witness the grand night and share the drinks with public as you welcome the New Year.



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Do you know? Sydney is the first city around the world to first celebrate New Year. Also, you will witness the world’s best new year celebration here.  Here, you will find numerous parties across the city and a breath-taking fireworks display throughout the night.

The places to visit when the clock strikes 12 are the Sydney Opera house, the Sydney bridge, as well as the Sydney Harbour.  If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, definitely book your tickets to Sydney today in advance so that you can avail some great discount as well.

New Year Special: Book ahead for an unforgettable night from across the Harbour, located in next to Sydney’s Opera house.  You can bid goodbye to 2020 with style with a fantastic four-course meal. Along witgh that you will witness amazing firework display, roving entertainers and live musicians to set a vibe high.

New York:


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The place to be when the clock hits midnight is The Times Square in NYC. People there follow there old-performed tradition called ” ball drop at midnight“. They are performing this tradition since 1907.

Like every year, this year also people from different parts of the world  come and witness the ball be taken down into the Times Square. The moment the clock hits 12 confetti and firework displays jam the air as the crowd of party animals wish each other a very Happy New Year.

The energy and vibe at the Time Square itself is suffice to leave you overwhelmed and mesmerized.

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Is the Times Square Ball Drop still taking place?

Luckily, yes. This year the Time Square came with socially distanced live events which are still to be announced.

New Year Special: To have the most fun night, New York Road Runners organization plans a jubilant run for locals and visitors in central park every year at midnight. So, basically this event is specially occur on new Years eve. In this, runners are supposed to run for a four-mile long loop wearing Christmas tree costumes, sequins or wigs.

Edinburgh, Scotland – Hogmanay


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As we celebrate New year on the night of 31st December, the Scottish people have an extended New year’s patties that lasts for three days. The celebration begin on 30th December followed by a candle-light procession.

New Years Eve in Scotland is all about concerts, street parties, and firework displays all night. On the final day of the New Year’s celebrating, the Scottish people host dog sledging competition. On the flips ide, some daring people dive into the freezing water. the celebrations on the final day definitely makes Edinburgh a must-visit places to visit in Italy to ring in the New Year.

New year Special: As the clock hits midnight, Locals of Hogmanay visit each other, giving traditional gift items such as black bun, fruit cake or shortbread to continue the tradition performed long ago. In return, the visitors gets a whisky bottle.

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is undoubtly one of the best destinations to visit to celebrate New year. Captivating firework displays are the top attraction of new year’s eve. In Hong Kong, localities and travellers gather at vantage points to witness the sky sparkle.

Victoria Harbour is another great place to watch amazing fireworks display, as it’s followed with laser show and music.

Note: Due to covid-19, Hong Kong my have decided to not host any events this new year that attracts huge crowd. however, the good thing is that Hong Kong is not in the UK Quarantine list.

New Year Special: Book in ahead cruise tickets if you want to celebrate new year with crowd, shout and sing. And if you just want to enjoy in solitude, just pick a spot and watch the light up sky.


New Year Fest
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You may not immediately think Bangkok as the go-to destination for celebrating New Year but do you know this city is considered as the party capital of Asia? The travellers and locals in the city never miss an opportunity to party, and they ensure the most of it on the occasion of New Years Eve.

The centre piece of attraction of their party is a huge crowd gathering in Central World Square, where thousands of people come to enjoy light shows and live concerts that light up the city at midnight.

Due to covid-19 may be many of these events will not take place, but still city will do something to welcome the new year with its people.

A stroll through the city and a delicious meal before ringing in the New Year will be enough to get good vibes.

New Year Special: If you plan to have a big fat New Years Eve then do not forget to visit Sky bar in Bangkok. Starting from breath-taking views to luxurious suites, it have all of them for all of us.

If you are not going anywhere and staying at home this new year, then thre is nothing to feel sad about! You can celebrate new year at your home with your loved ones by having a fantastic meal.

Note: Make sure to follow government’s advice and rules on where you are allowed to go or not, including on the occasion of New Year.

That’s it folks! If you haven’t planned any trip for your Celebration, start making your plans today. What we have gone through this year is a past now, pray this new year, we can see only good things coming our way.

Happy New Year!

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