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The World’s Most Magical Christmas Markets You Should Visit

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As soon as the month of December starts, preparations for Christmas celebrations begin. You must have known that the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, was born on 25 December; thus, the day is celebrated as Christmas. 

In many places, Christmas is celebrated throughout the month of December and Christian New Year begins after that. 

Over time, Christmas has been celebrated in many countries. The light-up cities with colorful and shimmering lights, the decorated Christmas trees, and other grand decorations make for a magnificent visual treat. 

 But the happiest part about Christmas is the Christmas Markets. People from different places come to shop and admire the beauty of these markets.

Christmas Travel Fact: Approximately 45 million people travel each year for the Christmas season in the US.

During this time, many towns and cities host several magical Christmas markets that feature a wide range of handicrafts, sculptures, pottery, street food, and other exciting things.

These markets are a must-visit, so do you know where you can witness the most fun-filled Christmas markets around the world? If no, then have a look further to know!

Basel Christmas Market

Via: myswitzerland

Basel is known as ‘Christmas City’ in Switzerland. All buildings and bridges are decorated here during Christmas. Here are two famous markets for Christmas named Barfüsserplatz and Münsterplatz

These markets are located in the middle of Basel. More than 180 traders sell their baked goods made of wood and specials and wine with waffles and sausages snacks. 

Basel’s Christmas Festive season offers various things to enjoy, such as Salvation Army concerts, the Christmas exhibition of the Toy Museum, and many musical nights in Basel Theater. Sadly, In 2020, the Basel Christmas market will not take place considering the safety of visitors. 

The market here has longer opening hours – daily from 11 am to 9 pm.

Dresden Striezelmarkt Christmas market

Dresden Striezelmarkt Christmas market
Via: theculturetrip

If you visit Germany during Christmas eve, do not forget to visit Dresden Striezelmarkt. It is amongst the best Christmas markets worldwide, and every year, people across the globe visit here to enjoy this market’s vibe. 

The market is also famous for its local bakers. The market consists of many bakeries that bake a variety of festive delicacies. The most special treat by the people is ‘The German Fruitcake.’ 

This market takes place annually in the Baroque city. Many lively events, food options like sugary dough balls, cakes, and glazed apples make this market the best Christmas market in the world.’

The market opening hours: Daily 10 am-9 pm

Strasbourg Christmas Market

Via: s9155.pcdn.co

Strasbourg is one of the most visited and oldest markets across the globe. The market is held every year in France at the cathedral center. Thousands of people travel to France to enjoy the fun-filled night, and it never fails to awestruck any visitor. 

The whole city is lit up with fairy lights, which are a treat for the eyes. Do you know when this market was started? It’s the year 1570 when the market was first hosted. And you will be stunned to know that more than 500 events are hosted during Christmas eve which can be enjoyed while chewing on your favorite sweets, which are served here. 

The market is opened every day from 11.00h to 20.00h    

Budapest Christmas market

Budapest Christmas market
Via: bbj.hu

The scent of gingerbread, toffees, spices, and mulled wine are all seen at Budapest’s. Christmas Market. Thousands of stalls appear to be selling hand-made items such as toys made of wood, hot caps, and jewelry. It’s worth a visit to this Christmas market. The city transforms into a wonderland with a mesmerizing street decorated with more than 100 stalls. The aroma of wine, honey, cinnamon, roasts, chestnuts, and biscuits fills up the air during Christmas eve. 

The market is opened every day from 10.00 to 20.00

Viennese Dream Christmas Market

Viennese Dream Christmas Market

With the mesmerizing city view, beautiful buildings, fairy lights in the backdrop, this Christmas market in Austria adds to its glory! This market features unique craftsman stalls, a play area for kids to bake some Christmas delicacies makes it easy for their mothers to stroll around and shop while their kids are indulged in some activity! Every year, the best artists perform their art here, the international choirs, giving people a pleasant experience.

The market is opened every day from 11 am to .9.30 pm.

Zagreb Christmas Market

Zagreb Christmas Market
Via: rove.me

Another must-visit Christmas markets around the world attracting a crowd of over 4 million annually. It is situated in Germany, So on your visit to Germany do witnesses the evening with your family to have the most fun-filled Christmas eve.

The market is opened every day from 3 – 9 pm.

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