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Ready to get Goosebumps- These haunted places around the world will leave you wow

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There are misconceptions in the world about spirits, some says they have seen them, and others claim to see them. What will happen to you if you visit at some place and feel invisible power around you?

So, before feeling such let me tell you the top haunted places in the world where chances of feeling invisible power are high

Haunted places around the world

Monte Cristo Australia:

Monte Cristo Australia
A family that has lived at Monte Cristo for the past 50 years have revealed the chilling tales from inside the ‘most haunted house in Australia’

Changi Hospital Singapore:

Changi Hospital SingaporeWidely regarded as one of the world’s most haunted locations, Old Changi Hospital has seen a lot of death and cruelty within its walls.

Castle Of Good Hope South Africa:

Castle Of Good Hope South AfricaThere are many abnormal activities in the house. They were all worried about supernatural activities such as men who were reported to walk around the castle and a dog on the near paths.

Suicide Forest Aokigahara Japan:

Suicide Forest Aokigahara JapanDead bodies are sometimes found in forests, especially for Aokigahara, located on the base of Mount Fuji, Japan

Doll Island Mexico:Doll Island Mexico

Hundreds of decomposing dolls hang from tree branches on Mexico’s Island of the Dolls, just south of Mexico City. 

Niagara Falls Haunted Tunnel:

Niagara Falls Haunted TunnelIt is the most haunted place as a ghost of a little girl is often seen there and her screams are heard too.

Bhangarh Fort, India:

Bhangarh Fort IndiaBhangarh Fort is a 17th-century fort, infamous all over India for being the “Most haunted place in India“.

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Tower Of London England:

Tower Of London EnglandMany people were executed in this building during different monarch’s regime and hundreds of Protestants were burnt in the Great Fire of Tower of London.

Poveglia Island, Italy:

Poveglia Island ItalyGhost Island and town in Italy. Exploring abandoned Poveglia island. Mystical places

The Queen Mary Hotel:

The Queen Mary HotelThe Queen Mary ship was ocean liner and the warship was formerly nicknamed the grey ghost

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